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The National Association of Appraisers (NAA) represents residential and commercial real estate appraisers nationwide, including state coalitions, associations, and NAA’s board and committee members.

We think big picture 

While you're hard at work, our think tank puts ideas into action.  We work on the cutting edge of the valuation industry exerting beneficial influence upon the profession and advocate appraiser interests to create growth and sustainability. 

NAA partners with state organizations, provides quality educational programs and conferences, campaigns for fundamental appraisal related legislation and policies, and unites those in the appraisal profession.  Our endeavors are innovative, simple and yet comprehensive, to help you respond to the new realities of an ever changing appraisal environment.  We think beyond the now to create strategies to enrich appraisal commerce into the future.

Membership Matters 

By joining NAA, you are declaring support of appraisal colleagues and professions, and to be part of something bigger.  There is strength in numbers, and your memberships contributes to the strength of NAA and positive impacts on the appraisal community.

Membership can help you to be more connected with influential industry leaders and be in-the-know on key topics that impact our livelihood.

As a member of NAA, you have the opportunity to participate in our committees and task forces to be an active part of professional solutions.

NAA Trade Benefits

NAA has partnered with relative businesses to provide members exclusive discounts and special offers on a suite of products and services.

Qualification for Membership
  1. Applications for membership shall be addressed to the Administrator accompanied by evidence that the applicant meets the criteria of the membership class for which applying. The Administrator shall examine the application and make a determination whether or not the applicant has qualified under the guidelines established by the Board of Directors. Any rejection of an application must be made by the Executive Committee. The application for membership shall be filed at the time and in the form specified by the Administrator.
  2. In determining whether a designated member fulfills and can continue to fulfill the obligations of membership, the controlling issue is the status of the member with a state agency.

Annual Membership Dues
  1. Each year each class of members shall pay membership dues to the Association. The Board of Directors shall establish the dues for each class of membership.
  2. Membership dues are due and payable on the anniversary date the applicant was accepted as a member. Dues not paid within 30 days past the anniversary date are delinquent. A member that is delinquent in the payment of his/her dues is not eligible to vote at the Annual or any special meeting.

Termination of Membership
  1. Membership may be terminated if license or certification status is revoked.
  2. The Professional Conduct Committee may suspend or expel a member for a violation of USPAP or the Code of Professional Conduct upon an affirmative vote of a majority of the Review Panel.
  3. The Administrator may automatically terminate a member for nonpayment of membership dues.

Requirements of Membership
  1. The obligations of membership imposed by this Article are intended to reflect the Association's core values and distinctive role as a member of this Association, while according appropriate respect for the individual.
  2. The Association values and expects its members to value:
    • Professional conduct;
    • Awareness of requirements pertaining to his or her practice.
    • Continuing education to stay informed about legislative changes and appraisal practices.

Membership Levels

There shall be five (5) levels of membership and two (2) levels of affiliate status in the Association.

Designated Member
An individual who holds an appraisal license, certification or similar appraisal credential issued by a governmental agency; and who accepts the membership requirements and objectives of the National Association of Appraisers.  If an applicant for membership works in a discipline in which credentials are not issued by a governmental agency, membership may be granted upon submission of alternative information to demonstrate qualifications.  Acceptability of such alternative information shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  Designated members are Members of the National Association of Appraisers (MNAA).

Board of Governors Member
A state organization representing professional appraisers within an individual state; properly formed and recognized as active by their appropriate secretary of state; and who accepts the membership requirements and objectives of the National Association of Appraisers on behalf of its membership. The organization may then appoint a representative to the Board of Governors.

Academic Member
An individual who is actively involved in the presentation of valuation educational programs or the writing of valuation publications.

Sponsor Member
This category is open to organizations providing appraisal services and having interest in real estate and appraisal and who support the objectives of NAA.

Emeritus Member
An individual who has held the Designated Member status for at least five years, is over the age of sixty-five, but is no longer active in the valuation profession.

Individual Affiliate Member
An individual who may not be engaged in the appraisal profession but has interests in appraising, and is in agreement with the objectives of the NAA. Individual Affiliates are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Industry Affiliate Member
Appraisal Companies, Appraisal Management Companies and Mortgage Lenders. Industry Affiliates are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Please complete this form in the proper format. Your name should be just as it appears on your appraisal license. 

For example, your name should be John A. Doe and your phone number should be listed as (XXX) XXX-XXXX. 

Attn: Current and Former Members:  Please do not create a new record.  If you do not know your login email address, please contact us at and we will send you your login information.

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