Appraisal Review Certification

NAA's Certification program is administered by Appraiser eLearning.

Appraisal Review Certification

NAA's Appraisal Review (AR) Certification is designed to help educate and qualify appraisers in the Appraisal Review field on best practices for appraisal review. The program requires the meeting of specific educational and experience criteria, as well as the passing of a written examination. By obtaining the AR Certification, candidates will gain industry and peer recognition by demonstrating their understanding of appraisal review principles. The program serves as a fundamental building block for additional individual professional development. 


  • To raise the professional standards of those engaged in appraisal review.
  • To improve the practice of appraisal review by encouraging professionals to partake in a continuing education program of professional development for appraisal practitioners.
  • To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of appraisal review through completing the certification and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct.
  • To award special recognition to those appraisal review professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence in appraisal review.
Our requirement is that you take two 7 hour courses (Critique- Anatomy of a Review and Advanced Appraisal Review) available through Appraiser eLearning

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