The 2023 Appraiser's Conference and Trade Show will be held April 1-4 in Sacramento at the Holiday Inn Downtown.  We are busy planning all the details and will send out an announcement after our plans have been finalized.  Stay tuned for details.

Click on the image below for more information on our Appraiser Relief Fund Live and Silent Auction.

If you are interested in donating an item to the Appraiser Relief Fund Auction in Sacramento, click here to donate.

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2022 Fiscal Year Donation Goal

Collected: $38,537.63
Goal: $50,000.00
Please help your fellow appraisers (and appraisers in training) that are in need by supporting this Appraiser Relief Fund.

Click here to apply for the Appraiser Relief Fund or to donate to the relief fund.

2022 Donors

Adam Bogle

Albert Pumila

Alex Etheredge

Alice Buell

Amber Sullivan

Amelia Lovorn

Andy Arledge

Barry Phillips

Becky Braun

Beth Keys

Blair Dingeman

Brandon Reich

Brandy March

Candace Cooke

Carol Huffman

Cathy Harper

Cheryl M. Dejno

Curtis Oliver

David Griffith

Dean Poirier

Doris Davis

Doug Chalmers

Eileen Mulkey

Gerard Calongne

Glen Calderon

Glen Kangas

Guy Maeda

Iosif Dubei

James Mcelroy

Jamie Mckinley

Jamie Shea

Jason Campbell

Jason Loeback

Jean Mccarty

Jeffrey Hayes

Jennifer O'neill

Jimmy Morris

Joan Cass

Jocelyn Mills

Jodie Christopher

Joseph Mathews

Joshua Walitt

Juli Fostvedt-Frey

Kari Collins

Kelly Parker

Kevin Platt

Kristina Etheredge

Kyle Paquin

Larae Henderson

Laura Locke

Laura Smith

Laurie Egan

Lisa Dyer

Malinda Griffin

Mark Jones

Matthew Bratcher

Matthew Hasty

Melissa Perry

Michael Stottmann

Michelle Bradley

Mike Rohm

Molly Burke

Nakia Manning

Nanda Helms

Pamela Teel

Paul Cooper

Peri Jordan

Rick Hartenstein

Robert Bergquist

Robert Oglesby

Rodney Pfleiger

Ronald Ritter

Russel Rice

Scott Peace

Scott St.Clair

Stanley Carlson

Steffanie Gonzales

Stephanie Streep Tuley

Steve Brenner

Steven Garraway

Suzanne Puckett

Tara Causey

Teresa Walker

Todd Rasmussen

Wes Hasty

Wil Eichler

2022 Appraiser of the Year

Martin Wagar, MNAA

2022 President's Award

Jeff Bradford

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