The Conference will be submitted for approval in most states.  Our co-host, Appraiser eLearning, is the education provider.  If you are interested in attending and you do not see your state listed as accepts or pending approval by January 15, 2018, please notify us and put ACTS in the subject line, include the state where you are seeking approval and we will research the approval process. 

If your states is listed as accepts, click here for the Tennessee approval letter and here for the conference outline and session descriptions.

State Approval State Approval
Alabama Accepts Montana Accepts
Alaska Accepts Nebraska Accepts
Arizona Accepts Nevada Pending
Arkansas Accepts New Hampshire Pending
California Day 1: 1810501007
Day 2: 1810501008
New Jersey Pending
Colorado Approved
New Mexico Pending
Connecticut Pending
New York Accepts with proper documentation
Delaware Not Submitted
North Carolina Accepts with proper form + $50
DC Accepts
North Dakota Accepts
Florida Pending Ohio Accepts with proper documentation + $25
Georgia Accepts Oklahoma Day 1: APP194-702
Day 2: APP194-701
Hawaii Accepts Oregon Day 1: APEL-C-0018-0005
Day 2: APEL-C-0018-0006
Idaho Accepts Pennsylvania Accepts with proper documentation
Illinois Pending
Rhode Island Pending
Indiana Pending
South Carolina Day 1: 1696
Day 2: 1697
Iowa Accepts with proper documentation + $25 South Dakota Day 1: SD 1274CE
Day 2 SD 1275CE
Kansas Accepts Tennessee Day 1: 2115
Day 2: 2116
Kentucky Approved Texas
Day 1: 33970
Day 2: 33971
Louisiana Pending
Utah Pending
Maine Not Submitted
Vermont Not Submitted
Maryland Pending
Virginia Accepts
Massachusetts Pending
Washington Day 1: AP3923
Day 2: AP3924
Michigan Pending West Virginia Pending
Minnesota Not Submitted
Wisconsin Pending
Mississippi Day 1: MAB #50033
Day 2: MAB #50034
Wyoming Accepts
Missouri Accepts    

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